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August 24th, 2011

04:30 pm: In-Grid - Lounge Musique(2010) (083783)


<aSSMAGGOT> [badpeon_] all humans have to die

<paniq> i dont have to

<paniq> i have won in a lottery for immortality

<wayfinder> i thought you've won a key fob?

<jco> an immortal key fob

09:21 am: La Femme Nikita. Soundtracks. Season 2 (201802)


<TonyD> you hatiater

<DamianMor> What on earth is a hatiater?

<TonyD> it's a word I just made up

<TonyD> someone who radiates hate

August 23rd, 2011

06:36 pm: La Femme Nikita. Soundtracks. Season 1 (367988)


<Cerebus> ravers don't go to heaven or hell, they go to plurgatory  :(

02:45 pm: ZZ Top Greatest Hits (1992 ) (561574)


<@Tezz[a]> My Daddy got a paper shredder for Father's Day

<@Tezz[a]> Guess what's happening to all my school notes? >:D

<@Giess> We got ours a barbecue.

12:37 pm: Amy Winehouse - Remix Demos y Rarezas (2011) (159718)


<Chum> I told them I was a 16 year old female that would put out if given a beta account.


<Kash> yea, i'm going to be female to

August 22nd, 2011

08:18 pm: Jeff Bridges - Jeff Bridges (2011) (011551)


<Ibrahim> mike should work for tech support

<Ibrahim> not any company in particular, just tech support in genreal

<michael> Ibrahim, That seems like a good idea in theory. But take into account my acute lack of patience.

<Ibrahim> that's the point.

<Ibrahim> we record all calls, video tape you, and sell it as comedy things.

<michael> Mmmm...no.

<Ibrahim> you'd make plenty of money.

<michael> Mmmm...no.

<Ibrahim> Free Donuts.

<michael> Mmmm...no.

<Ibrahim> how about your choice of 20 nude women at your beck and call carrying large tropical drinks.

<Ibrahim> actually, we could make more money with said 20 women and the video.

<michael> How about we combine all of them?

<Ibrahim> a comedy about 20 nude women with donuts and large tropical drinks?

<LdySaphyre> I want the video of Ib trying to talk twenty women into being michael's nude servants.

<michael> Ibrahim, No. A comedy about 20 nude women seducing me and offering me large tropical drinks while I try to perform my duties as a tech support person :P

<Ibrahim> now THERE is a video!

August 21st, 2011

05:21 pm: Lady Gaga - The Singles (848780)


<mynx> hahaha i had a construction worker holler at me today


December 14th, 2010

05:23 am: Neil Diamond - Dreams (2010) (221327)

Neil Diamond - Dreams (2010)

<SaetheR:#916> why are stupid people my managers?

<phear:#916> because they make horrible employees

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